Devil-may-care Lenny Henry: Cash for Policy

Private supper at Number 10 with Prime Minister David Cameron and a thoroughly unashamed devil-may-care Lenny Henry

In light of the recent Tory fundraising scandal, it has emerged that NOTA’s own devil-may-care Lenny Henry has paid large sums for attain influence in Downing Street.


Ooh Lord, a hand-shandy from Mandy in Sandyford!

Big bad Alan Shearer was back on the case yesterday in Sandyford, Newcastle continuing his much publicised campaign to raise awareness of poor military funding by banging 206 record breaking slags. Local bike Amanda Knowles jumped at the chance to fall into the muscular arms of her only hero to help her forget the disappointment of having failed to make it onto the latest series of Geordie Shore. A small but fiery crowd punched the sky on Shearer’s climax which left a thoroughly ravaged Miss Knowles gooey-faced and her applauding proud mother tearful.  A top night for all!

114 to go