Stand up and be counted!

206 jokesWe know you have been worried. We here at NOTA have been worried. Let’s be honest, everyone has been worried. Worried why Big Al’s campaign to bang 206 record-breaking slags to raise awareness of the lack of military funding in this so-called country has fallen so silent this year. What on earth has the £15 million super-striker been up to since last December? Well, as it turns out, he’s been trying his hand a stand up comedy! We were as surprised as no doubt you are now – unless you’re one of the lucky 206 record-breaking audience members to attend the recording of Shearer’s new live DVD (out soon in time for Christmas!). Here’s a little taste:
Joke No.36
Q: What is Alan Shearer’s favourite car?
A: The Peugeot 206.
Q: Which model?
A: 2006 model, which was its 9th year of production.


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