NOTA Campaign: Shaming the Anonymous Cunt/poet of Stokes Croft

As NOTA editor-in-chief Greg Splatter previously reported there is an oh-so anarchic po-faced pseud poet on the prowl in the Stokes Croft area of Bristol leaving his/her terribly self-aware gibberish at internet cafes. We do not intend to put a stop to it as, if anything, their bullshit exposes their so-called social conscience as the self-centred melodrama it really is, however we do want to expose this moron so we can all have a good giggle. Please read Greg’s article (linked above) which includes the found poem in question and join the campaign page on facebook here.


Correspondence: Anonymous Stokes Croft Twat

Readers from the South West,

If for whatever reason you fail to loathe the tie-dyed snot-rags-posing-as-humans that parade around the Stokes Croft area of Bristol vomiting cliché upon cliché, trying to dress up their attention-seeking loud-mouthery as social conscience as much as I do, today I found something which may push you in the right direction. On visiting a local internet cafe I noticed some utter twat had left this hippie tripe on the computer:

“Strange Bedfellows

Perhaps it’s the seashell logo. Snow stained black. That year environmentalists staged a die-in protest. On the floor humans dressed as the tundra’s furred giants. On the walls photographs of tigers, hippos small insects. Because all life is important. Snap.

Searching for lost prey
exhausted bears heave ashore.
Winter land dwindles.

Our museum’s caved mouth drinks visitors. Looking back from the stone wall, a furry ball of monkey perches on a branch. Moustache like an old man. The Evening Post’s photographer poses us on the steps. We protest the Veolia Environment, proffer fliers. People stop and chat or snarl, pull back shocked. Identify us by anorak markings. Boycott Israel tee-shirts. Find us dangerous as a half-starved bear.

Venomous reptiles
in a suburban garden.
Do not lift the rock.

Our leaflets show that Veolia furthers an apartheid system. Provides buses for illegal settlements. A series of maps reveal a land breaking into chunks like melting ice caps. Endangered Palestinians fast disappearing. Best kept in a zoo. Caged or behind walls. Catch the moment before it disappears.”

Wow, deep. Ha! Who is this person?! Come clean. We need to track this cunt down and name and shame them. “Find us dangerous as a half-starved bear”! No one finds you dangerous mate, just really fucking lame. Fuck off back to your squat and gas yourself.