Wanker Worrall-Thompson Attempts to Steal the Limelight

Fat celebrity pseudo-chef Antony Worrall-Thompson staked his claim for the much-feared Nick Grimshaw Award For Being An Absolute Cunt today. The former poisoner and irresponsible restaurant entrepreneur, lacking the ability to take full responsibility for his recent shoplifting antics, insisted that he acted without “rhyme or reason” not knowing when was going on in his head and claims he is now “seeking help” for his alleged mental health condition. It remains to be seen however if Worrall-Thompson’s PR-informed faux mental breakdown and dishonesty will be enough to damn him to the Nick Grimshaw award at the every-nearing NOTA Awards ceremony.

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Last Thobe of the Dice

Charnock in his toon thobe

With the imminent NOTA Awards ceremony bearing down his neck, Geordie emigre James Charnock made a last ditch effort to claim for his own the prestigious Alan Shearer Award for Doing It For The Boys by having a himself a special NUFC thobe made  so he can show his support comfortably in the sweltering 50°C Gulf state of Qatar. Read full story here.

However, it is questionable as to whether it will be enough to convince the voting public and NOTA’s judging panel as Charnock faces stiff competition for the much sought after award, not least from critics’ favourites Richard Handl, Chris Mews and Charlie Sheen.

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NOTA Awards 2011: Have your say

If you think another candidate is worth considering for the award then let us know by leaving a comment.

NOTA Awards 2011: Have your say

If you can think of another suitable candidate please let us know and leave a comment.

Forthcoming: NOTA Awards 2011

Look around people, it’s November and you know what that means, don’t you? Yes, the prestigious NOTA Awards ceremony is nearly upon us. In the coming weeks senior NOTA officials we be asking you to cast your votes for an array of awards. So watch this space and make sure you get your voice heard!