NOTA Film: ‘The Truth about Pluto’ on Youtube

Thoroughly inkeeping with Christopher Lambert’s sentiments in the Highlander films, the latest NOTA Youtube missive can be found here.


NOTA Film announces plans for ‘Toon Wolf’

The creative team over at NOTA Film yesterday announced plans for an upcoming horror feature entitled ‘Toon Wolf’. Although the plot of the film is tightly guarded secret, we can reveal that initial drafts for the monster have him donning an old Newcastle United replica jersey and drinking copious amounts of Newcastle Brown Ale. Watch this space!

NOTA Film: Censorship of the Boys

Cyber-mackem Agenda?

A number of NOTA films have been pulled from youtube for allegedly breaching their terms and conditions, despite clear acts of self-censorship. Youtube did not appreciate censored images of Alan Shearer’s ongoing campaign to bang a record-breaking 206 slags to raise public awareness of the underfunding of the British Armed Forces. Nor did they find it acceptable to show similarly censored images of Paul Gascoigne and football managers Alex Ferguson, Arsene Wenger, Neil Warnock and Rafa Benitez.  In a bizarre twist, it seems that youtube find it perfectly okay to show imagines of Newcastle owner Mike Ashley being sodomized by a transsexual and being forced to suck cock as long as its for an over 18 audience. One cannot help but wonder if this latter decision in act of support for Joey Barton’s campaign against obesity in the Toon boardroom or simply an act of sexual preference on behalf of the powers that be at Youtube. We here at NOTA can smell at act of sabotage in the name of Sunderland a mile off. Youtube are guilty of nothing less than taking part in the Mackem agenda to undermine Shearer’s noble cause. It is a gross act of cyber-mackemism.

Mackem in disguise or testicle-less yesman - you decide.

In similar act of censorship, NOTA’s very own Greg Splatter was yesterday blocked from following the Newcastle Evening Chronicle‘s pseudo-journalist Lee Ryder’s twitter feed for insisting that the local press should “grow some balls and fight back” against a tyranny of NUFC owner Mike Ashley’s obesity that seems hell bent on crushing the will of the Geordie people. Ryder up til now has let himself be used as the fatman’s mouthpiece printing his lies and spreading confusion. It remains to be seen whether they are in act all working for a more sinister cause, Sunderland. However, one thing is for certain this cannot go on. Confusion of the Boys (CTB) is a very serious condition and Ryder must not be allowed to proliferate it by printing Ashley’s lies and broken promises.